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Becoming a Corporate Sponsor

Raising hundreds of thousands of dollars, has been an amazing feeling! And we would love to do more...!


But we need your help!!


We could not have made an impact like we have for so many already, if it was not for our amazing generous sponsors we have had over the years supporting our FREE Program (Fundraising Reaching Everyone Everywhere). Sponsors are the lifeblood of every non-profit organization to help them deliver their mission statement. Our program provides Nonprofit Organizations the opportunity to raise money without any upfront costs and keeping 100% of all their ticket sales. We provide everything needed; a 90 minute stage show event, including everything to advertise the events, tickets to sell, theater and road permits, travel costs, production costs, along with cast and crew expenses.


Corporate sponsors directly impacts the lives of those in need at the same time giving them a great positive advertising platform and receiving a boost in community good will around the country. In return for sponsorship, through cause marketing, each sponsor reaches hundreds of thousands of consumers nationally through advertising for each event. With Logos printed on all materials: show programs, posters, flyers, tickets, banners, and press releases for every event. Logos will be seen on all traveling trucks and trailers; along with all of our online media. Sponsorship will help increase brand awarness, give customer loyalty, and generate your product sales seeing that you give to good causes. We can even custom design your product into the shows using an illusion or special magic effect. At the event, new product samples can be given away to audience members, and we can include  other ideas you may also have to help with your product sales.  


We would love to have you join our team here at Sponsor Magic Link, Inc. to help others. So please, Contact us today in becoming a Corporate Sponsor!! You are so important!!

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