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Entertainment Group

Keith West started his magical journey at the age of 10 when he met Mombo the Clown. Mombo (Fred Petrick) was on the daily children`s program “Dr. Max and Mombo” broadcast Monday through Friday from 3:30 - 5:00 pm on WMT-TV 2 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. The show ran from 1962 - 1982 and had a very large audience of kids all over eastern Iowa who would tune in every afternoon to watch cartoons and see the adventures of Dr. Max, a world traveler and his magical side kick, Mombo the Clown.


Keith`s love of magic started as he watched Mombo perform tricks and stunts with Dr. Max on the daily show. When Keith was in 5th grade Mombo came to his school and gave a lesson on magic.  Keith was hooked.  His life long journey with magic started on that day. Keith went to the library and checked out every book he could find on magic and began to study the art of magic. When he was 12 Keith started performing at birthday parties, school fun nights and safety nights. 

While in college he studied economics during the day and was a magical bartender and waiter at night. After college he started entertainment group LLC,  a full service entertainment agency in Des Moines, Iowa.


In the years since Keith has performed for casinos, schools, corporate events, fund raisers, festivals, fairs, and events of all kinds in over 40 states.


Keith has provided the magic and illusions for Dee Sniders production of “Van Helsings Course” at first nights all over the USA, with the Omaha Symphony and at children`s and family festivals and events all over the country.

In recent years Keith has teamed up with Bob Zany and Chick McGee of the “Bob and Tom” radio show. They perform the show “One Man, a Chick and a Bay Bee!”  starring Keith West as the “Man”,  Chick McGee and the Showgirls as the “Chicks” with Bob Zany as the “Bay Bee!”.  The show has been performed to sellout crowds in casinos and theatres across the nation. Last year Bob, Chick and Keith filmed Bob Zany`s special “You Can`t Stop the Gift”. Bob Zany and Keith performed on the Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon from the South Point Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.


Keith continues to perform his magic to audiences across America. As he enjoys entertaining so much, he was thrilled to join Garry on this endeavor to work with SML and help as many non-profits around the country when he is on tour. Making others laugh and putting smiles on their faces, Keith will continue doing what he loves.    


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