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Carson Entertainment

CARSON ENTERTAINMENT is a national touring company that produces one of the world’s largest magic illusion shows. The show stars Garry & Janine Carson in “An Evening of Illusions” providing artistic, mysterious and intriguing entertainment for all including everything from comedy and audience participation to magic and grand illusions! Yes, the miracles continue with amazing larger than life illusions; taking what you see and believe to another level and even the audience gets in the act! Those who are lucky enough to get invited on stage are not just volunteers, but co-stars with Garry and Janine.


Their award-winning tour performs at corporate events, 5-star resorts, major casinos, colleges, universities, and aboard luxury cruise ships throughout the world. They have appeared on several television specials before live audiences in the United States, Europe, and Australia. Garry has appeared on Good Morning America and Inside Edition; with his most recent “Masters of Illusions” produced by Mrs. Gay Blackstone, wife of the late legendary magician Harry Blackstone Jr. 


Raised in Colorado, Garry’s career began at age 10 when magic became his hobby after a serious sledding accident resulted in the loss of his left kidney. He overcame many obstacles and turned professional at 14. His passion for the art of magic led him to perform at a variety of venues and fundraising events nationwide. Garry created “Knowing the Magic Words,” an educational program which allowed Garry to speak about his life and craft to over 500,000 children throughout the Midwest. These are just a simple touch of Garry’s accomplishments, and all before graduating high school!


At 25, Garry was chosen from hundreds of magicians worldwide to premiere the opening of the MGM GRAND, the world’s largest hotel and casino in Las Vegas. The Show “Wizards Secrets” was awarded a six-month contract that was extended over two years. During this time Garry performed over 8,000 shows at "Wizards Secrets" which was voted #1 Family Attraction in Las Vegas two years in a row! Plus! ...gained a Guinness Book of World Record for the most production shows in the shortest time frame.

Garry & Janine combine their individual talents & charismatic personalities with an amazing and entertaining show. Garry’s career has not only taken him around the world many times, but he has been featured in national and international publications as an “…incredibly talented performer who performs under, at times, impossible conditions.” He has delighted audiences in over 40 countries with his unique style of magic and illusion. He has won numerous awards, and has even been contacted to perform for the President of the United States.

Their most enjoyable and heartfelt endeavors though are the events they perform for non-profit organizations that benefit the youth and families of our country.


Janine’s love for entertainment began at the early age of 4, since she started wearing high heels and necklaces that went to her feet. She quickly became known as Ms. Hollywood at home. Raised in Honeoye, New York. Janine’s interest in entertainment led her to move to California, with intentions of going to acting school, where she lived for 8 years before moving to Las Vegas.


Mean while, to make a living, Janine used her passion for helping others and gained her training & experience as an EMT. Also on the side, Janine was doing print and modeling work as well as fashion runway shows.


After moving to Las Vegas her interest in entertainment flourished. She quickly started doing showgirl promotional work…with a dream of performing on stage one day. As for her creative side, Janine began costume making and designing for her self and others.


Shortly after, Janine seen one of Garry’s Illusion stage shows, she immediately became intrigued. Inspired by Garry’s innovative way of helping non-profits, Janine and Garry decided to put their talents and dreams together and change the world one show at a time.

Together, Garry & Janine transcend beyond the stage lights to touch not only their audience’s inquisitive minds but their hearts as well, creating a whole new dimension in magical entertainment.


With “An Evening of Illusions” Bring Your Imagination to Life!

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