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Give a donation to help us continue offering our F.R.E.E. Fundraising Program



Our Program now offers one hundred free events a year. We would love to triple these numbers which would allow us to help raise even more needed funds for non-profit organizations who service the needs of children and families across the country. 


Give a gift...

You can make a difference 



All donations go directly to covering expenses so that all the events we offer are completely free for the organization. No matter what the size of your donation may be, every dollar is spent for a good cause that is helping the children of our future. 

All contributions are fully tax deductable

(Tax ID#27-3241532)



We want to use our FREE Fundraising Program of entertainment to give back value to more non-profits and their programs for the youth and families in need. Thank you for helping us helping others. To donate please contact us.

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