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Ledbetter Magic

Brian Ledbetter's interest in magic was sparked at only three years old! He watched the Wizard of Oz, and everything about this classic film seemed magical to him - witches melting into the floor, flying monkeys, and dancing scarecrows! He got his start in showbiz by working in the theatre. He was cast in his first role at only 8 years old, and over the next decade, was in nearly two dozen plays, and is credited with several lead and title roles.


At only 12 years old, he began performing magic professionally at birthday parties. Most of his audiences weren't much younger than he was! At only 17 years old, the Society of American Magicians, one of the largest magic organizations in the world, named him "Star of Tomorrow."



Brian's act has grown and developed over the years and can be seen regularly at fairs, casinos, corporate events, theme parks, and in theatres all over the country.  Soon after graduating high school, Ledbetter began making a full-time living in showbiz.  He was thoroughly aware of how difficult show business can be, and how fortunate he was to be able to do what seemed next to impossible.

It was out of this gratitude that a very important impulse was sparked – the impulse to use his gift to give back, and help others.  It was soon apparent that the best way his talents and passion could be utilized to their fullest extent was to help non-profit groups with their fundraising.  Initially, his desire to lend his talents in attempt to help groups raise the funds they needed was a small idea.  Little did he know that over the course of years, that small idea would develop and grow into an efficient, highly productive system that would allow nearly any non profit group raise the funds they needed while bringing a high-caliber, fun, shared family experience and event into their community.  To this day, Brian has been excited to partner up with SML to help produce a number of fundraising events each year for non profit groups during his travels all over the country.

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